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A brand was born behind the reason of the love and passion on art and for art. Through the beautiful world of art, Tropicana Life has successfully conveyed and expressed the message of love and peace to the people. The brand Tropicana Life gives aspirations to people by believing the world is surrounded with hopes and colours. With this belief and the spirit of aggressively rolling for 19 years, it strongly brings Tropicana Life to another level in street wear fashion and strengthens its position in the international art community and street fashion market.

The 19 years of milestone in street wear fashion market crafted the remarkable achievements to Tropicana Life brand and promises to continue to grow. To some, it does not seem a long time, but in many ways, it's a long time for us. We learnt a lot over the years and have put this knowledge and experience into our products and services.

For Tropicana Life, 19 years ago and today is the same except we are stronger than ever. Today, Tropicana Life is the most recognized and best selling street wear brand in the market. With its launching of Wild Channel Street wear in 2000 and Hot Wind Street Wear in 2005, it fortifies the brand more. It is undeniably that Tropicana Life has created the best in terms of quality, design and variety of street wear in the market and contributed to society.


We are confidently and exuberantly being creative on transforming a piece of fabric into the fashionable street wear as we believe the bazaar for this good quality clothing is aggressively mounting. In the meantime, we are actively providing various colourful of strret wear apparels and accessories in order to dig our believers out of the dull and colourless life.


Our gurus are very experienced, hard working and well respected entrepreneurs in the industry. They are the brains behing many big brands and architects of the hippest gear this side of world. They set the strategic direction of our brand and adopt a hand on approach towards the dailt operations


Here in Tropicana Life, things are different from other companies. We never stop moving ahead. At headquarter, employees are passionate, dedicated and talented to their jobs, the brand and the company's philosophy and belief. Employees work hard to make some of the finest creative products and deliver the products and services to our customer.

The formula of success for Tropicana Life lies in its team of young, creative and dedicated professionals that work day and night to ensure Tropicana Life stays at the top.

"Our crew is a young and tightly knit team of designers, garment specialists and professionals that eat, breathe and sleep fashion"


The earliest collection consist of screen printed t-shirts. As our reputation grew, so did our product catalogue. We have successfully expanded our range of apparel and accessories for men and women that including the t-shirt, sweater, jacket, pant, cap, bag, pencil case, wallet and many more accessories to the latest launced of footwear and skateboard hardware.

"We have a massive range of gear available, sending shivers down the spine of our big rivals"


We manufacture our products with pride, love and passion and we strive to maintain the international standards of quality in every facet of our business, from design and production to marketing and distribution.

"We are obsessed with quality, we will not compromise it for anyone"


"We have a devious plan to build an empire of mini temples in major shopping complexes that lure our victims with a massive selection of gear"

Tropicana Life currently has 17 concept stores in Malaysia and worldwide - Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, The Mines Shopping Fair, Mid Valley City, Berjaya Times Square, One Utama, Maju Junction, CineLeisure Mall, ShopaLot, Queensbay Mall Penang, Mahkota Parade Melaka, City Plaza Kedah, Ipoh Parade Perak, Langkawi Parade , Langkawi, Bali Indonesia and Brunei. Other that the concept store, Tropicana Life has more that 50 concept counters in Malaysia and worldwide such as Metrojaya, World of Sport, Finish Line, Jaya Jusco, Isetan, Parkson, at prime locations and display an unrivaled selection of apparel and accessories to tempt and satisfy our loyal and valued supporters.

Tropicana Life is available at major retails chains since 1997. We also have an expanding network of over 40 small to medium sized retailers around Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, US, France and Australia.